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Sugar Cones 2nd album Road Soda takes you for a thrill ride blazing you down the highway at top speed or slowing down to groove and take in the scene.

Album Credits:
ll Lyrics: Malyssa Bellarosa 
Songwriting: Malyssa Bellarosa
Exceptions: Ghost Dance: Bellarosa/Sullivan/Hammond
Plastic Things & By My Side: Bellarosa/Sullivan
Song arrangements: Sugar Cones
Album Recorded by George Dussault - Galilee Productions
Produced by George Dussault & Sugar Cones
Cover art: Hana Ko
Album layout/design: Eric Aguiar & Malyssa Bellarosa

Vocals & Guitars by Malyssa Bellarosa
Bass by Jeff Sullivan
Drums by Alyson Hammond
Add'l guitars on Spotlight and Dark Side (guitar solo) by George Dussault

Sugar Cones are a 3-piece band hailing from the Providence, RI area featuring powerful, soulful, heavy vocals and guitar with a grooving rhythm section producing versatile songs that are fun to shake to.

More info about the Sugar Cones

Malyssa BellaRosa

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