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On “Wanting More” Bellarosa proves she can handle herself well singing a piano ballad. Her voice, beautifully subtle, moves alongside a George Dussault piano line and a Matt Crawford cello melody. Smooth and pretty, Bellarosa’s voice easily rides the rails of this soft, evocative accompaniment. Her sustains are artfully delivered and tastefully self-restrained. She doesn’t reveal any more power that she needs to. When her moment comes to shine during this number, she finds it on instinct and sends her vocal notes sailing over the sonic landscape.

Bellarosa constructs “Tomorrow” with the cornerstones of her voice, her guitar, Jeff Sullvan’s bass line, and Jay Jefferson’s drumming. With a palpable groove bubbling up from the rhythm section, Bellarosa presses out her riffy lead guitar phrase, a droning, mournful beauty that fit’s the locked in groove like a glove. Her vocal, meanwhile, moves above in a circular pattern, hitting the same touches as the support instruments in a perfect symmetry.

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Album mastered 2020 by  David Briel of  DNA recording, production and promotion

All songs written by Malyssa BellaRosa (except Groove w/Me music in collaboration with Shawn Garrity & By My Side bass groove bridge by Jeff Sullivan)

Great Escape, All Used Up & Wanting More recorded  by George Dussault at Galilee Productions

Indigo on Fire & Groove With Me recorded by Shawn Garrity

Tomorrow & By My Side home recordings ; mixed by George Dussault

It's Alright (live band rehearsal recording early Sugar Cones) by recorded & mixed by Jay Jefferson

Performances (all musicians cited here created their own musical parts to my songs)

Album cover photo by Eric Tier (unedited version)

Great Escape

Vocals / Guitar: Malyssa 

Guitar/backing vocals: George Dussault

Bass/backing vocals: Sharlene DeNardo

Drums/Nick Iddon

Indigo on Fire

Vocals / Guitar: Malyssa 

Keys/Bass/Drums/Guitar: Shawn Garrity

All Used Up

Vocals / Guitar: Malyssa 

Guitar/ George Dussault

Bass/backing vocals: Sharlene DeNardo

Drums/Nick Iddon

Wanting More

Vocals: Malyssa

Piano: George Dussault

Cello: Matt Crawford

Tomorrow , By My Side & It's Alright

Vocals/Guitars: Malyssa

Bass: Jeff Sullivan

Drums: Jay Jefferson

Groove w/Me

Vocals: Malyssa

All instruments: Shawn Garrity

Malyssa BellaRosa

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