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Malyssa BellaRosa


3rd solo album in the works for 2024 - meanwhile Listen to Affinity!

Malyssa's second solo album which is a collection of recordings diverse, passionate, and streaming now on all popular media outlets and here: Affinity!

Gamma RAGE heavy rock n roll! 1st album due out 2024!

SUGAR CONES 2ND ALBUM "Road Soda" now available on iTunes, Spotify etc!

Providence, RI is an amazing place complete with enchanting artists, musicians, historical buildings, and people of all walks of life.  I am happy to hail from such a unique city! For all things Providence check out Motif RI !

"Open Up" first album on iTunes / Apple Music

Music on SPOTIFY 

photo by Jonathan Freidman


2021 Motif Best Female Vocalist Award

Sugar Cones:

2019 Motif Music Award Nominee for Best Garage Rock Act!

2018 Motif Music Award Winners for Breakthrough Band &  Winner of 

2018  Best Alt Female Vocalist: Malyssa Bellarosa


Malyssa BellaRosa

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