Malyssa BellaRosa



Malyssa is seeking to join an established working general business band as lead vocalist.



3rd solo album in the works for 2023 - meanwhile Listen to Affinity!

Malyssa's second solo album which is a collection of recordings diverse, passionate, and streaming now on all popular media outlets and here: Affinity!

SUGAR CONES 2ND ALBUM "Road Soda" now available on iTunes, Spotify etc!

Gamma RAGE heavy rock n roll

Providence, RI is an amazing place complete with enchanting artists, musicians, historical buildings, and people of all walks of life.  I am happy to hail from such a unique city! For all things Providence check out Motif RI !

"Open Up" first album on iTunes / Apple Music


Music on SPOTIFY 

photo by Jonathan Freidman


2021 Motif Best Female Vocalist Award

Sugar Cones:

2019 Motif Music Award Nominee for Best Garage Rock Act!

2018 Motif Music Award Winners for Breakthrough Band &  Winner of 

2018  Best Alt Female Vocalist: Malyssa Bellarosa


Malyssa BellaRosa